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See How Your Program Stacks Up

Crucial Context
Compare your veterans program to similar peer organizations and to the nation’s very best, 5 Star Employers.

Deep Data
Aggregate averages based on the data of hundreds of VETS Indexes Employer Awards survey participants

Exclusive Intel
Detailed analysis covering all aspects of veterans programs – recruiting, retention, support & more – that you won’t find anywhere else

Proven Results
Employers have charted big improvements in their award levels after benchmarking sessions, with some receiving the very highest awards.

“Through collaboration and benchmarking by VETS Indexes, we have learned a lot over the last couple of years. By continuing to assess and adjust, we ensure that we continue to hone the Fiserv Salutes programming in order to meet the needs of those who are currently members of the military community.”

– Meg Hendricks, Army Veteran & VP Head of Military and Veteran Affairs, Fiserv

Tracking Trends

Compare your organization’s performance in the most recent year…

And then see the long-term trend line, with up to 5 years of longitudinal data.

“George and his team provided an extremely thorough, in-depth review of our data. This made it easy for our team to understand our opportunity areas so we can continue to improve. Additionally, the VETS team came prepared and was able to answer any questions that arose.

I would recommend this session to anyone looking to better understand their data.”

– Nicole Duda, Inclusive Excellence Strategist, American Family Insurance

Inputs and Outcomes

Analyze your veterans program from all angles and find out if your efforts are having the desired results. FOR EXAMPLE:


What does your organization do to recruit veterans, and how does that compare to other employers?


How are these recruiting efforts impacting the proportion of military-connected employees among your new hires?

“I think any employer will learn things to improve their veterans program as a result of the insights VETS Indexes provides.”

– Culpeper County Sheriff Scott H. Jenkins

Unprecedented Detail

“JCTM first applied for the VETS Indexes award in 2022, and unfortunately, we were not selected. When we were offered the benchmarking review to discuss the application and the answers, I jumped on the opportunity to do so.

The benchmarking review showed me where my responses landed us in comparison to other employers. … I gained more insight into how the applications were scored and felt like we would be in a good place for the next year.

In 2023, I am happy to say that JCTM was recognized as a VETS Indexes 5 Star Employer!”

– Steven Smith, Human Resources Officer, JCTM

Your Roadmap

Where should you focus your limited veterans program resources, and what initiatives are not worthwhile?

Answer those questions with hard data, showing in granular detail what other organizations do when faced with the same choices.

“The benchmarking review provided insightful information about our veteran programs compared to other employers. It was supportive to receive ideas about veteran related policies and practices.”

– Walden Security


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