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Veteran Employment
Benchmarking Service

VETS Indexes’ groundbreaking Veteran Employment Benchmarking Service provides employers with detailed question-by-question and summary-level data, showing how your veteran-related policies and outcomes compare – versus our entire field of survey participants, versus peer organizations, and versus the top finishers from the VETS Indexes Employer Awards. This comparative data covers more than 100 detailed metrics, showing exactly where your organization leads the way and where there may be room for improvement.

Key Features

  • Best Practices Comparison:
    See how your organization stacks up to top-rated 5 Star VETS Indexes Employers
  • Multi-Year Data Tracking:
    Analyze year-over-year changes in your veterans program – and how they compare with other organizations over the same period
  • Reservist Pay Policies:
    Unprecedented comparative data detailing the level of pay offered to Guard/Reserve employees and how long that pay continues

Longitudinal Tracking: For nearly every numeric survey question, our new longitudinal tracking shows how your organization’s veteran-related policies and outcomes grow and change each year, in the context of other organization’s aggregate changes during the same period.


Basic Benchmarking Service: No charge

To thank you for participating in the VETS Indexes Employer Awards survey, we are proud to offer our Tier 1 Basic Benchmarking Service completely free of charge to all survey respondents. This includes a 30 minute virtual meeting, where we will cover your organization’s performance, in detail, across about 10 of the most important veteran employment metrics. In addition, we will provide a high-level overview of your performance across our 5 evaluation categories, as shown in the illustration, which uses sample data (as do all other screenshots and images on this page).

Summary of Your Responses

(As a Percentage of Highest Responses)

Veteran recruiting and hiring 85%
Veterans employee development & retention 45%
Veteran inclusive policies & culture 66%
Guard & Reserve support 23%
Military spouse & family support 70%

Our Tier 2 and Tier 3 Benchmarking Services can provide even more detail:


Standard Benchmarking Service: Pricing available upon request

  • An approximately 60-minute virtual meeting
  • Detailed analysis illustrating how your organization compares – across about 40 of the most important veteran employment metrics from our survey – to our field of employers
  • You will also receive this data and visualization package in PDF format
  • VETS Indexes 5 Star Employer Best Practices Report, detailing the best practices of our most highly ranked, 5 Star veteran employers


Executive Benchmarking Service: Pricing available upon request

  • A 90-120 minute virtual meeting, with unlimited follow-up as needed
  • Detailed analysis illustrating how your organization compares – across veteran employment metrics, covering nearly every survey question – to our field of employers, and to your peer organizations
  • A 1-year subscription (at no additional cost) to our digital data visualization tool, which will allow you to review your custom data and visualizations independently, at any time
  • A PDF that includes all of your organization’s custom data and visualizations
  • VETS Indexes 5 Star Employer Best Practices Report, detailing the best practices of our most highly ranked, 5 Star veteran employers

Our Heat Map (below) shows your organization’s performance across a range of metrics, at a glance: green to indicate where you lead the way, yellow where you are middle-of-the-pack, and red where you are a bit behind.

Exclusive Intel For Your Veterans Program

In an era of limited budgets – but ever-expanding veterans program services and features – how should you allocate resources to make the most meaningful improvements? Answer that question with hard data – that you can’t find anywhere else. See how your organization compares to everyone else, to your peer organizations, and to the top-rated employers. See which metrics are trending the right way and which are trending the wrong way. See which partnerships and services other employers rely on and which they ignore. And watch your veterans program lift-off, thanks to the power of data-driven decisions.

A new 5 star average comparison, shown below with green stars, was added to all parts of our benchmarking service. Compare your organization to the top-rated 5 Star Employers, across more than 100 metrics.

Hiring veterans is only the first step. Are they developing into senior leaders or stuck in entry-level jobs? Our stacked bar chart lets you compare the seniority levels of vets at your organization – and others.

See how your responses to multiple choice survey questions stacked up:

Are your organization’s reservist pay policies more generous than other employers’ or less? See how both the level of pay and duration of pay your organization offers stack up against the competition.

Our grid-style analysis provides granular comparisons of how often other organizations offer various programs and services, such as training employees in military career paths and culture.

For more information and to schedule a benchmarking review, please email or call us at: (516) 418-3821

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