A new investment fund, based on Military Times’ Best for Vets Employers rankings, launches today and will allow investors to put their money behind the companies that do the most to support veterans, service members and military families.

For years, government leaders, veterans service organizations and many of the nation’s most successful companies have said that the unique leadership skills and teamwork that veterans bring to the corporate world can benefit a company’s bottom line.

The Pacer Military Times Best Employers ETF, trading under the ticker symbol VETS, turns that concept into an investment fund.

“In creating our new ETF (exchange-traded fund), we are spotlighting companies that do more than just appreciate America’s veterans,” said Joe Thomson, founder and president of Pacer Financial Inc., one of the companies behind the new fund. “They also understand that America’s military develops amazing employees. Companies with a culture that supports veterans have proven themselves to be among the most well-run.”

Starting today, investors can invest in the fund through their individual brokerage accounts or through their financial advisors, using the ticker symbol VETS.

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